Brad White (Flutist)

For over 40 years Brad White has been studying, collecting and performing on indigenous wooden flutes such as South American and European panpipes, Renaissance & Baroque woodwinds, Irish whistles and Indian flutes, just to name a few. Brad is always striving to discover and master new instruments. Born in Los Angeles he moved to the Islands of Hawaii in his early adult years.

There he became well known for his exotic and virtuoso flute playing, teaching for several years at the University of Hawaii and performing as a featured artist in Hawaii's concert halls and world class hotels. He is a winner of Hawaii's Grammy Awards and has appeared for dignitaries, senators, ambassadors and heads of state. His music has taken him to the Orient, Europe and throughout the United States and Canada. He has created such popular Sugo favorites as Isle of Dreams, Voyage l and ll, Winter's Journey and Acoustic Christmas.

Brad's Award Winning Albums

"If I had to say a few words about myself, I would say that I think I bring a fresh, enthusiastic approach to my music. I have never tried to copy the sound of another player. I look for my music within and have learned to tap or draw from my emotions and instincts. My albums of original music have become very successful and have been distributed all around the world. That has been a happy surprise. I hope to continue with this work as well as performing and teaching."

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